Kurzfilm: Redmurder

Redmurder (Shortfilm)

Selma suffers at the side of her lying comatose husband. Torn within she follows his command to kill a mysterious woman. A fatal decision which has both a tragic and a glorious consequences.…read more

Kurzdoku: The Art of Creation

The Art of Creation (Short Documentary)

A short documentary about The Art of Creation which leads from the Acropolis in Athens to the three opera houses alongside the Elbe River: Hamburg, Dresden and Prague.…read more

Kurzspielfilm: Nachtrausch

Nocturnal Ecstasy (Shortfilm)

A randomly discovered newspaper photo strengthens Alex’s suspicion to be a part of an unknown twin. While searching for the mysterious doppelganger he lapses into nocturnal ecstasy causing the borders between reality and fiction to melt away.…read more

In progress

Kurzspielfilm: Die Tiefe des Meeres

The Depth of the Sea (Shortfilm)

On the high seas between Hamburg and Kiel, Tonda sees the contours of a woman on the seabed. He follows her trail through the streets of Copenhagen. Finally, he is faced with the most difficult decision of his life: to return home or plunge into the depth of the sea.…read more

Kurzspielfilm: Balduin

Balduin (Shortfilm)

Balduin sells his reflection for a bag of money to gain fame, power, and to win the heart of the beautiful Margit. A fatal pact with the devil which testifies in the end to nothing is as it seems at first; inspired by the silent film classic, The Student of Prague (1913).…read more

Kafka2 3

Further Projects

Manusarts is currently developing the feature film „A well kept Secret“, a rather dark musical comedy, written by Jana Pulkrabek. Also in preparation is the Thriller „The Perfect Policeman“ by Bafta winning screenwriter John Foster. Petja Pulkrabek will be filming „Proof of God“ ……read more