After a guest appearance at the Hamburg State Opera, the ballet dancer Alex plunges into the Hamburg nightlife. By chance he discovers a newspaper photo that strengthens a suspicion to be a part of an unknown twin. While searching for the mysterious doppelganger he lapses into nocturnal ecstasy causing the borders between reality and fiction to melt away.

Jana Pulkrabek
Otto Bubenicek
Jiri Bubenicek
Valerie Niehaus
Mathias Sanders

With dancers of the Ballet Hamburg, Semperoper in Dresden and Opera de Paris

Written & Directed by: Jana Pulkrabek & Otto Bubenicek
Produced by: Jana Pulkrabek
Cinematography: Jens Harms
Choreografie: Jiri Bubenicek
Design: Chariklia Chilas
Make Up: Patrick Mai
Editor: Otto Bubenicek
Music: Otto Bubenicek
Sound Design: Philipp Teichmann

Funded and supported by:

Filmfoundation Hamburg
Hamburische Kulturstiftung
Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds
Hamburg Ministry of Culture

Frank Otto Medien
Der Neue Klub: Kulturgesellschaft