After a serious car accident, Selma’s life companion Milo falls into a coma causing her to remain at his side constantly, accompanied by a mysterious woman. Selma blames herself for Milo’s condition and on dreaming about him receives a challenge to kill the stranger. Only by this way can their love continue to exist. Torn within, she decides to commit the murder, a fatal decision which has both a tragic and glorious consequences.

Cast and Crew

Jana Pulkrabek
Isabel Trinkaus
Stuart Sumner
Teymur Mokhtari
Mathias Sanders
Laura de Weck
Siegmar Tonk

Written and Directed by: Petja Pulkrabek
Produced by: Jana Pulkrabek
Cinematography: Jens Harms
Costume Design: Vanessa Ledwinka
Make Up: Verena Marx
Casting: Jana Pulkrabek
Editor: Petja Pulkrabek, Fabian Deertz
Music: Otto Bubenicek
Sound Design: Petja Pulkrabek
Colour Correction: Christian Lessner

Supported by:Optix Digital Pictures, Cinegate Hamburg, Levantehaus Hamburg, Der Neue Klub e.V.