Männer.Frauen.Affairen2„Darling, your lover has just phoned.“

Smiling benignly it goes through the night when men and women at the awakening of Spring, dust their emotional ménage.
Lovers, sexual appetites, internet acquaintances and Dangerous Liaisons; a scenic-musical One Night Stand about the peculiar mating behaviour of mature urbanites. Whether passionate; by correspondence, erotic literature; delicate personal advertisements; movie-made or theatrically staged, everything that moves men and inspires women.

Cast: Jana Pulkrabek and Siegmar Tonk

On Saturday the 3rd May 2014 at 19.30 at Loogensaal/Hamburger Kammerspiele, Hartungstraße 9-11, 20146 Hamburg, www.logensaal-kammerspiele.de

Eintritt: 15,- / 10,- karten@logensaal-kammerspiele.de / www.ticketonline.de