Sherlock Holmes LogensaalThe series of readings about the most famous detective of all time goes into its second round.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s master detective with his keen nose, forensic foresight and cool mind commences from London’s 221b Baker Street, is showcasing for a second time.

As king of his profession he is a cult figure par excellence! Together with Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes solves more than sixty cases leading him not only under the spell of a monster and a mysterious Czech lady but right into the heart of the British Bank and to the gravitational head of the Reichenbach waterfalls. A production combining acting, singing and reading, full of suspense, charme and humour.

Cast: Ben Knop, Siegmar Tonk, Jana Pulkrabek u.a.
Musical direction: Siegmar Tonk
Directed by: Jana Pulkrabek

On Saturday the 30th November 2013 at 19.30 at Logensaal/Hamburger Kammerspiele, Hartungstraße 9-11, 20146 Hamburg,

Admission: 15,- / 10,-
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