Theaterstueck - Der Fall M. M.

The Case M.M.

On the night of the 5th of August 1962 Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her Brentwood home. The official cause of death „probably suicide“ hides a web of lies and intruige to an unparalleled cover-up of what might be one of the greatest unsolved murder cases in the criminal history of America. A Ballet Thriller in cooperation with Choreographer Yaroslav Ivanenko.…read more

Theaterstueck: Paris entiers dans mon Salon

Paris entiers dans mon Salon

At the Hotel of Lonely Souls, set atop the Passage de l’ Opera in Paris, the inhabitant characters refelct a panorama of European Society caught in a labyrinth of euphoria, fashion, transience and the everlasting dream of awakening. Derived from Walter Benjamin’s legendary “Arcades Project” for the German-French Festival „Arabesques“.…read more

Theaterstück - Amour Fou

Amour Fou

Under the Roofs of Paris she is at home the multi-faceted world of love and passion. The Devil in the Flesh, the flapping wings of the soul and the labours of love in certain corners…; A scandalous French novel combined with the heartfelt expressions of Simone de Beauvoir – interwoven through drama and French song.…read more

Theaterstueck - Kafka jenseits der Tuer

Kafka -beyond the door

A fantastic journey into the life, work and the creative spirit of Franz Kafka illustrated in drama, dance, music and art. A multimedia theatre production for the official celebrations of the 20 years anniversary between the Cities of Hamburg and Prague.…read more

Theaterstueck - New York Stories

New York Stories

Three plays, two authors, one city: the humorous Woody Allen, the passionate Dorothy Parker and the ravishing New York! A trilogy about desire, dreams, the finely defined differences between men and women and the universe of our world: New York City!…read more

Theaterstück - Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s master detective with his keen nose, forensic foresight and cool mind commencing from London’s 221b Baker Street. A series of joyous play readings into the most peculiar London mysteries presented through acting and singing. …read more